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$15,000 in Down Payment Assistance

Money is Available

No need to Worry!  There is money available for you to get into your new home.  Our quest as Real Estate Consultants is to make sure that everyone we meet and everyone we work with is familiar with their options!  

Down Payment Assistance Programs
This is one way that Buyers rest easy while taking advantage of low interest rates and inventory that is currently available in the market.  

What are Down Payment Assistance Programs?  
These programs generally help buyers of all types (not just first time home buyers) qualify for money to assist with moving into a house and owning property in the area  the potential buyer wants to live.  

For example, for most people some loan programs have a requirement that they will loan up to 96.5% of the money needed to buy a home.  That means a buyer may have to come to the closing table with at least 3.5% of the money needed to make a home purchase.  Generally this is termed "Skin the in the Game"  the higher this amount, the happier the lender is going to be!

So what happens if you don't have this 3.5% sitting in a bank account collecting dust?  

Then organizations and other agencies are willing to help! For information regarding Down Payment Assistance programs that are available specifically for you in our area (North Carolina & South Carolina), please request the information by completing the attached form.  


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